a journey into wellness, Healthy aging, and legacies  

Asthma almost killed Brent at age four; cancer almost killed Mark at age eight. Their chance encounter during college changed Brent's life, dedicating him to sharing Mark's story, including this biographical novel. WARRIOR continues Brent's twenty-year journey to help change what it means to grow old, as well as to advance society's conceptions of chronic diseases and dying with dignity. Brent is a media communications strategist, creative director, writer, speaker, trainer, and consultant focusing on generational marketing. He is author of two business books: Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers and Generation Reinvention. His most recent nonfiction book is Questions of the Spirit: The Quest for Understanding at A Time of Loss. His fiction titles include Noble Chaos: a Novel and Generation Liberation. He writes for Huffington Post, CNBC, the Good Men Project, and other online and traditional print media, and he analyzes current affairs through his blog Boomers: a Trip into the Heart of the Baby Boomer Generation. An honors graduate of the University of Kansas with a BA in psychology and communications, he completed Master's studies in counseling psychology.

watch Brent Green tell the story of his special friendship with mark.


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